Package Up To 4 People Price per
Additional Rider
Comfortable Rider Capacity
Full-Day Fishing $750 $75 6
Half-Day Fishing $500 $50 6
Night Fishing (No Bugs!!!) $1000 $0 6
Marsh Tour $200 $50 8

  • Contact Info

    • Email:

    • Home (225) 675-8859

    • Phone Camp: (985) 594 - 5455

    • Phone Cell: (225) 571 - 1255

    • Webmaster Email:

  • Business Policies

    • Deposit not required

  • Associations

    • Coastal Conservation Association (CCA)

    • Louisiana Charterboat Association

    • NACO Member Insurance

  • Credentials

    • 30+ Yrs fishing these waters

    • Coast Gaurd Licensed

    • Fully Insured

    • Licensed Captain for 13 years

    • State Licensed

  • Destinations around Chauvin and Cocodrie

    • Marshes

    • Lakes

    • Bays

    • Barrier Islands

  • Feature

    • Bait, tackle, fuel, equipment furnished. Fish Cleaning Available

    • Bring what you want to eat & drink, and the rest Captain Harold will provide.

    • Camp sites available in area to park camper trailer

    • Catching the limit of Trout or Reds is the norm

    • Temporary Fishing Licenses Available for small fee

    • No bugs at night, but misquitos and knats during the day

    • Operate year round

    • Raingear is provided when needed

    • Spot where kids can crab while the adults fish.

    • State of the art tackle

  • Catch

    • Specs

    • Reds

    • Drums

  • Items to Bring

    • 48 qt. ice chest

    • ball caps

    • LA Saltwater Fishing License if you have one

    • repellant

    • sunglasses

    • sunscreen

  • Locations

  • Services

    • Come out with me, we'll make adjustments for whatever conditions come along and if there's any way to please you, you'll get pleased.

    • I'm not in a hurry. If I need to take more time, that's fine.

    • kids - I'll make sure that the kids have a good time and catch something

    • Goal is to have a good time and catch some fish

    • Novice to Pro

  • Tackle

    • 4000 size spinning reel with several stainless steel ball bearings on a medium action 6.5' IM6 graphite spinning rod

  • Tips

    • Casting Common mistake with casting an open face spinning reel..... holding line too far down the finger. use 'ball' of fingertip.

    • Casting common mistake: double hung lures should not be whipped. carefully move to back, come to full stop, look and sling it forward.

    • Common mistake: using too heavy a line. Smaller line will get you more strikes, and more fish. You can catch a big fish on small line. Just remember, he didn't get big by being stupid.

    • Don't be greedy with your spot when you cast. If everyone is targeting a small area the fish will congregate there and hopefully get into a 'feeding frenzy'.

    • Don't use a line with a lot of 'memory'. For example, if your line comes out with the shape of the spool, replace it. When replacing line,make sure the line is going on correctly. Face the top of the spool (label side) away from your reel. This will eliminate excessive twisting as you reel. Stop about 1/8 inch from the outer edge of the spool.

    • Inspect your line for frays, twists and kinks. Remove damaged line or replace it.

    • Reel drag must be set properly. (Approx. 50% of your line's breaking strength).

    • Weather tip: watch the southwest. typically storms move from the southwest.

    • Wind: 'Wind out the east, fish bite the least' does not pertain to Cododrie. West wind is the least favorable. Southeast wind is optimal. Best for water clarity.

  • Vessel

    • Gravios All aluminum 24' Center Console Bay Boat with 'T - Top' and walk around gunwhale(25'9" tip to tip)